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The A/B Email Tracking report displays a summary report for all of the A/B Test messages that are sent.  This report shows an overview of how the email send performed by displaying opens, clicks, and delivery information for each of the AB tests, the send to the winner, and the total send combined.

To view the A/B Tracking Report, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Reports Folder
  2. Click the plus arrow next to Email Tracking and then click A/B Test Tracking
  3. Select the send by clicking it once.  Click Show Criteria Details to view what the AB send options were selected for the send.
  4. Double click the A/B Test Send to view the send details
  5. You'll be able to see what stage the A/B Test Send is on based on the green status bar highlighting these states:
    1. Started
    2. Waiting on A/B Send
    3. A/B Test Sent
    4. Waiting for Winner
    5. Winner Selected
    6. Waiting on Remainder Send
    7. Remainder Sent
    8. Complete
  6. On the tracking report you'll be able to see:
    1. Snapshots of the AB Sends: statistics at the time that the winner was selected
    2. Send A and Send B: statistics for the two test sends that show the 
    3. Send to the Remainder: statistics for the "winner" messages sent to the remainder
    4. Total Sends: a combination of all statistics for the A/B Test Send
  7. To refresh the statistics, click the refresh button on either a specific column or Refresh All Statistics at the top of the page
  8. To view a more detailed report of each test send, please click the View Full Report button located in each column
  9. If you would like to view a visual representation of where subscribers clicked on a message, click the mouse pointer icon to view the click overlay
  10. To compare the A send and B send graphically, click View Statistical Charts