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After a triggered message is created, you can edit the job's message content.  It is very import to follow the steps below, because editing the message itself will not make any changes to the triggered message.  You must edit the email content from the Email Tracking page.

Note: If you send a message and then realize there is an error in the message content, you'll have the opportunity to edit the message content.  This will only affect the "view as webpage" views, not emails that have already been sent to the subscriber's inbox.

To edit the message content of a triggered message or to edit email content after it's been sent:

  1. Open Reports, then open Email Tracking
  2. Select the message by clicking it once
  3. Click Advanced Options, then Edit Email Content
  4. Making changes to this message content will affect future sends of a triggered message
  5. It will also permanently change the view as webpage version of the sent message
  6. Click Save to permanently save your changes


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