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A/B tests help email marketers and designers compare subject lines, message content, send times, and from addresses to see which works best for your unique group of subscribers.

When sending an A/B test, you'll select the percentage of subscribers who will receive the Test A & Test B, and the remainder percentage who will receive the "winning" message. 

Then select a period of time to wait between sending Test A & Test B and sending the remainder, ex: 6 hours. At the end of that time, the system automatically sends the remaining recipients the email that has gotten the higher number of opens or clicks. For example, if Test A received a 15% open rate and Test B received a 20% open rate, the remainder would be sent Test B's message. This effectively sends the most popular email to the bulk of your recipients.

To run an AB Test, please follow these steps:

Step 1: A/B Test Options

  1. Click Send Message inside the Message folder
  2. Select a message by clicking it once on the grid
  3. Click Run A/B Test 
    1. Note: If you don't see this option, please contact your account admin to enable this feature in your account
  4. Select the A/B Test Type, which will be the difference between Test A and Test B.  A icon will appear between Test A and Test B.
    1. Message: test between two different messages
    2. Message and Subject Line: test two messages with unique subject lines
    3. Subject Line: test two subject lines with the same message
    4. From Name: test two from names
    5. Send Date/Time: test which send time works best
  5. Fill out the send information including
    1. Test Name: for internal reference, to keep track of tests
    2. Email Name A: name of test A
    3. Email Name B: name of test B
    4. From Name(s): the from address seen by the subscribers
    5. Send to list(s): subscriber lists to send to
      1. Note: Each subscriber will only receive one copy of an email message, regardless of the number of selected lists that subscriber may be on
    6. Select Send Immediately or the date(s) and time(s) to send
    7. Advanced Options: select a Footer or enable Google AnalyticsLink Tracking.  To view, click the arrow next to "Advanced Options"
  6. Click Next

Step 2: Send Management

  1. Select the size of Test A, Test B, and the Remainder
    1. Drag the slider or type a number into the text box
  2. Determine the winner by either Higher unique open rate or Higher unique click-through rate
    1. The unique open rate is the number of subscribers who open the email message
    2. The click through rate is the number of subscribers who click a link in the email message
  3. Enter the time to wait before determining the winner
    1. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours, which allows the majority of your subscribers to interact with the message.  However, you can also make the time shorter if the email is time-sensitive.
  4. Click Next

Step 3: Confirm Message Details

Review send information and check "I agree that the above information is correct" only if all the information is right.  Click Send Email