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Track and analyze how well email sends perform with our tracking reports.  To view a statistical summary of a recent send, look at the Email Tracking Report. The Email Tracking report displays a summary report for all of the messages that are sent.  This report shows an overview of how an email send performed by displaying opens, clicks, and delivery information.  To learn more about how the statistics are calculated, please read the wiki article on Report Items.

There are also many Custom Tracking Reports that can help you better understand subscriber behavior, the success of your message sends, and other important information.

For SMS sends, please read the SMS Tracking Report wiki article.


Custom Tracking Reports

To search for a custom report that displays the information that you want to see, you can search for the report in the Search bar at the top of the Custom Reports page.  In addition, the reports are grouped by category through the color of the report icon.

Subscriber & Lists Report

  1. Export Subscribers by List
  2. Export All Subscriber Data
  3. Export Subscriber Interactions by Date Range
  4. Listing of All Subscriber Lists
  5. Combine Lists
  6. Churn Report By Date
  7. Site Visitor Signups by Date Range
  8. Select lists and total unique subscribers
  9. Subscribers by Date Range & List
  10. Number of Unique Subscribers
  11. Subscriber Trends Over Time
  12. All Subscriber Clicks/Links

Send Reports

  1. Statistical Charts
  2. Job Statistics Real Time Summary by Date Range
  3. Job Statistics Summary with Detailed Clicks
  4. Email Job Statistics by Date Range
  5. Email Tracking by List
  6. All Emails Sent by Campaign
  7. Total Sends by Date Range
  8. SMTP Log File Export
  9. Total Sends by Date, Sub Account
  10. Triggered Sends from Job ID

Open Reports

  1. Export All Opens by Date Range
  2. All Opens by Campaign
  3. Opens Over Time

Click Reports

  1. Single URL Clicks by Date Range
  2. Clicks Over Time
  3. Export Clicks by Email Campaign
  4. All Unique Clicks by Campaign
  5. Subscriber Clicks on URL by Date Range

Bounce Reports

  1. Export Soft Bounces by Date Range
  2. Export Unsubscribes and Hard Bounces by Date Range
  3. Number of Global Opt-outs

Other Reports

  1. Email Tracking
  2. Breakout of Email Clients and Mobile Devices
  3. Breakout of Mobile Device usage by Date Range
  4. Compare Jobs Side-by-Side
  5. List Import Status



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