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The Critical Impact platform offers advanced tools to help you with your email marketing efforts.

Email Automation

  1. Advanced Automation
  2. Automated Messages 
    1. Send Birthday Messages
    2. Send Date or List Driven Automations
  3. Follow Up Message Series
  4. RSS Schedule 

Forms & Landing Pages

  1. Add a Signup Form to your Website
  2. Create a GDPR Compliant Website Signup Form
  3. Create a Facebook Signup Form
  4. Enable and Customize Double Opt-In Process 
  5. Landing Pages / Web Content

Advanced Message Building

  1. Message Importer
  2. Import images into your Image Portfolio
  3. Dynamic Content
  4. Insert Dynamic Content into a Drag and Drop Message
  5. Create Custom Content Blocks for Dynamic Content
  6. Create Custom Template Blocks
  7. Create Custom Template Block Categories
  8. Edit Footers
  9. Edit Headers
  10. Create a Survey

Subscriber Management

  1. Reconfirm Subscriptions
  2. Globally Unsubscribe a List of Subscribers
  3. Globally Unsubscribe a List of SMS Numbers
  4. Global Suppression List
  5. FTP Schedule to automate data upload
  6. Splitting a List

API Documentation

  1. Create an API Key
  2. You can view the most up to date API documentation by going to the URL where you log in to your account followed by /api8/. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

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