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A subscriber is a person who has opted to receive communications from your organization. You must have a valid email address for each subscriber to whom you send emails. For subscribers who receive SMS messages, you need a telephone number for each subscriber.

A list is a group of subscribers that receive your communications.  Maintaining your lists is an important part of sending emails. 

Creating Lists

  1. Create a List
  2. Create a Dynamic List
  3. Importing a List
  4. Errors when Importing a List
  5. Create Custom Fields
  6. Reconfirm Subscription

Don't Send to Subscribers

  1. Exclude Subscribers from a Campaign
  2. Global Suppression List
  3. Mass Delete Subscribers from a List
  4. Create a Dynamic Suppression List

Edit Lists

  1. Edit a Subscriber
  2. Organize Lists into Folders
  3. View Subscribers on a List
  4. Move Subscribers from one Account to Another
  5. Export Subscribers by List
  6. Re-subscribe Back into a List
  7. Splitting a List
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