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Sub Accounts or "Brand Accounts" are very useful if you need separation between different sets of subscribers, templates, reports or even users. Another relevant use-case for sub-accounts is if you need to separate unsubscribes between accounts.

You can specify which advanced feature tools are available in each sub account, and assign permission levels for each user who accesses the system.

Create a Sub Account

  1. Click the Sub Account Admin folder. If you do not see this folder in your main menu, contact your Account Manager for assistance.
  2. Click Edit/Add Company

  3. Click Add Company

  4. Complete the required fields. The company information fields will populate the email message footer, so double check for accuracy.  

    1. This information is legally required.  Every field must be completed in a true and accurate fashion.  Any attempt by the sender to create a false or misleading CAN SPAM footer, could lead to legal issues for the sender

    2. Advanced Options

      1. Max Emails/Month indicates the maximum list size that may be used on any single send

    3. Security Groups
      1. If you wish to enable specific security permissions in the sub account, drag and drop the appropriate permissions to enable them for the account
  5. Click Save

Add at Least One User

Once you receive the "Company Added" confirmation:

  1. Click the Add User green button in the top right panel of the Company Editor
  2. Enter the appropriate information
  3. Drag and drop security permissions to enable permissions for that user
  4. Save and close

Send Login Credentials to a User

To send the newly created login credentials to the user, simply highlight the user and click the envelope icon. This will open a pop up window with an email that you can easily send to the new user. 

Log into a Sub Account

To login as a user in one of your sub accounts, simply click on the username from the "Users Menu" and click the log in button. For more information, please take a look at this wiki article.

Edit a Sub Account

Sub accounts can be Edited or Deleted using the Edit Company and Delete Company buttons. 

If you have a long list of sub-accounts, the search feature is very helpful in locating sub-accounts quickly and easily.



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