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Test Send

Please make sure to test before making a live send.  Different email clients render HTML in different ways, so you'll want to send yourself test emails before sending a live email message to your subscribers.

To send yourself a test message:

  1. Open the message in the Messages folder
  2. Click the Test button in the top right corner of the message editor
  3. Enter your email address (up to 5 test emails can be sent from this window)
  4. Optional Features
    1. Impersonate Recipient: enter a subscriber's email address in order to receive this test send as if you were that subscriber.  It will populate the mail merge variables with this subscriber's information
    2. Add a Note that will be added to the top of the test messages
  5. Click Send

Inbox Preview

Preview your email in 65 combinations of the most popular email clients and mobile devices. Run an Inbox Preview

Send an Email Message

  1. Click the Messages folder in the left-side menu
  2. Click the Message Folder
  3. Click the message you want to send from the list shown on the right
  4. Click the Send Message button
  5. Select the desired "From Name" from the drop-down
  6. Choose the desired list(s) by checking the box(es)
    1. Note: Each subscriber will only receive one copy of an email message, regardless of the number of selected lists that subscriber may be on
    2. Lists are pulled at the time the email is actually sent.  This means that the estimated send size can change if new people are added to the list, subscribers unsubscribe, etc.
  7. Click Send Immediately or select a date and time to send
  8. Optionally edit the Advanced Options by clicking the arrow next to "Advanced Options": select a Footer or enable Google Analytics™ Link Tracking
  9. Click Next
  10. Check the box to confirm your selections are correct
  11. Click Send Email


You can now view the tracking reports for your first email by clicking the Next Button below: