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After creating an SMS list and an SMS message, it is now time to send the message to the subscribers. To get to the Send SMS Message screen, you can either

  1. Select the message in the SMS Message Folder and click Send at the top of the screen OR
  2. Click Send SMS Message, select the message, and click Send Message

Send SMS Message Options

  1. Select the From Short Code that will send out this message, and receive any client responses
  2. Select the List(s) that will receive the SMS message
  3. Chose to send the SMS immediately (default) or schedule a send time in the future
  4. To check that the message looks exactly how you want it to, click Send Test SMS to send yourself a test message
  5. Click Next 

Confirm Message Details

  1. Double check the send SMS message information and check the box "I agree..." if the information is correct
  2. If the information is not correct, click Back to edit the Send SMS Message Options
  3. Click Send Message

SMS Send Status

  1. Click SMS Send Status 
  2. View the send status of messages (Sent, In Process, or Canceled)
  3. The Send Date and Send Time will appear as "ASAP" if the send was scheduled to go out immediately
  4. The Date/Time Sent column shows the exactly time of the send
  5. To cancel a send that hasn't sent yet, select the list and click Cancel Send


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