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You have the ability to personalize a message send with different from addresses, depending on the from address connected to the subscriber receiving the message. To do this, you'll use a mail merge variable as the from address. When you send out a mailing, it will populate the from address with whatever custom field value each subscriber has saved in the account.

For example, a subscriber could have the following custom field values saved: From address name is "XYZ Company," and the From email address is "" This would send out the message to this subscriber with the From Address: "ABC Company <>."

1. Create a From Address Custom Field

  1. Open the Subscribers & Lists Folder
  2. Click Custom Fields
  3. If you don't have a custom field for the from address created already, click Add Custom Field
  4. Type in any name such as "Sales Rep Email"
  5. Make the default value an email address that will be used if a subscriber receiving the message doesn't have a value saved for this custom field. This ensures that the message won't be sent without a value in the from address.
  6. Save the changes and close the pop up window.
  7. Repeat the steps above if you'd also like to have a personalized From Address Name.

2. Create a New From Address

  1. Open the Account Folder
  2. Click From Addresses
  3. Click Add From Address
  4. In the Name field, enter the mail merge variable for the custom field you'd like to use (i.e. %%custom2%%)
  5. In the Email field, enter the mail merge variable for the custom field you'd like to use (i.e. %%custom3%%)
  6. Optional: Enter an email into the Reply to field, if you want to have the 'Reply-To' address be different from the From address
    1. Note: the Reply-To address is the address that will show when a subscriber sends an email by clicking Reply.  The Reply-To address will automatically be the From Address unless specified differently in this field.
  7. Click Update

3. Import a List with Personalized From Addresses

Run a list import in order to map each subscriber on your list with a specific from email address and from name.

NOTE: Use your own domain in the From address.

You may not use any "free" email addresses as your From Address, i.e.,,,, or any other email address that does not accurately reflect the identity (sending domain) of your company or attempts to hide your identity from recipients.

Your email may be rejected/bounced if you use these free email providers as from addresses. All DMARC compliant mail receivers (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc) are bouncing emails that are sent with these from addresses (,, etc) but are not sent through their servers.

4. Send Message

Create a message and select the new from address (i.e. %%custom2%% <%%custom3%%>). Make sure to send yourself a test message to make sure everything is working as expected. Then go ahead and schedule the send!


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