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One of the great benefits of SMS Marketing is the wealth of real-time feedback.  The SMS Tracking Report will tell you how many people received your message, how many people clicked links, and how many unsubscribed. This information can help you narrow your focus and improve your copy with every broadcast. 

Note: If you want to view messages you've sent and how people responded, open the SMS Inbox.

Enable SMS Tracking

To view SMS tracking, you'll need to make sure that the SMS Tracking is turned on for the SMS From Short Code.  Click SMS From Short Codes inside of the SMS folder, select the from short code, and click Toggle Response Tracking to turn it on.  

View SMS Message Tracking

  1. Click SMS then click SMS Tracking
  2. Select the SMS name, then click View Tracking Report at the top of the screen
  3. From this screen, you will be able to see the send performance stats.  
    1. The Summary page shows the original message and a graph showing the delivery rates, number of sends, and number of unsubscribes
    2. View or export the delivery information in the Delivered tab
    3. In the Undelivered tab, view or export the SMS numbers that did not receive the message
    4. The Clicks tab will show you any link that was clicked and had link shortening enabled.


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