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Get a New From Short Code

Short codes are phone numbers that an send and receive text messages.  If your account does not have an SMS From Short Code yet, you must get an SMS From Short Code before creating a new SMS list. 

To get a new From Short Code:

  1. Click SMS from the left-side menu
  2. Click SMS From Short Code
  3. Click Get New Short Code from the top button bar
  4. Enter a US area code
  5. Click Get Number 

Each Short Code will add an additional monthly charge to your account, so please add them carefully.

Edit From Short Code Responses

Each short code will have automated responses for various subscriber interactions. Due to carrier regulations you MUST include an auto-reply to Keyword Opt-ins, which includes Opt-Out information. For your convenience, we automatically append compliant opt-out instructions to your auto-reply.

For example, you can customize a thank you message to send to everyone immediately after they subscribe.  To customize these responses:

  1. Double click on the Short Code you just created
  2. Enter a note that will make it easier for you to remember what each short code will be used for
  3. Edit the automated response text.  Each message will have a small amount of text appended to the end of the message so that they adhere to industry standards.  In this window you can see that all Help Responses will end with "Txt STOP to cancel. Msg&data rates may apply."
    1. You'll probably want to replace "our website" with the URL to your website in these responses

  4. The Response to Unknown Message will be sent after someone texts a message to this number, but the message contains no recognized keywords

SMS From Number Options

There are there are two columns in the SMS From Number grid called "Status" and "Response Tracking."  You'll want to turn these options on or off depending on your needs.

The status, Active or Inactive, indicates whether the SMS Number can currently send and receive messages.  Select the SMS From number and click Toggle Status if you would like to change the current status.

Response Tracking will track the messages sent and received by this SMS From Number when turned on.

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