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You can give your subscribers a chance to reconfirm their subscription by sending them a message with a reconfirmation link.  When the user clicks the reconfirmation link, they will be added to a specific list.  Offering subscribers a chance to reconfirm their subscription is a good way to get rid of subscribers who are unlikely to be responsive to anything you send to them.

How to Reconfirm Subscription

First, create a reconfirmation link using the Reconfirm Subscriptions tool mentioned below.  Then insert it into a message and send it to subscribers.  Subscribers who click the reconfirmation link will be added to a list of your choosing.  This will not take subscribers off of a list if they do not click the link: it only adds them to a new list.  Follow the steps below to create and send a reconfirmation message.

  1. Create a new empty list to add these reconfirmed subscribers to, with a helpful name such as "Reconfirmed Subscribers." 
    1. This empty list will help you keep track of who clicks the reconfirmation link to keep receiving your messages.
    2. Do NOT import any subscribers onto the list, it's purpose is to store those subscribers who click the reconfirmation link
  2. Open the Tools folder in the left menu
  3. Click Reconfirm Subscriptions (listed as an option to the right)
  4. Click Create
  5. Type in the text you would like to place the reconfirmation link around in the Link Text box
    1. Example: "Yes, I confirm"
  6. Select the list(s) you would like to add the subscribers to after they click the reconfirm subscription link (mentioned in Step 1)
    1. The idea behind the reconfirmation link is that you'll need to select your "reconfirmed" list - which would start off as 0 subscribers. Once they click the reconfirmation link, they are added to your "reconfirmed" list.
  7. Under Redirection Options, click the button Edit Re-optin Thank-you Page to customize the landing page seen by those who click the link
  8. Or select Redirects to URL and enter in a URL if you would like to link to a different thank you page instead
  9. Click Save

Send a Reconfirmation Message to Your Subscribers

  1. Create a new message for the reconfirmation campaign
  2. Select an image or some text that you want to link to the reconfirmation page
  3. Insert a link around an image and/or text:
    1. Click the Insert Variable icon in the toolbar
    2. Scroll to the bottom and select one of the Reconfirmation links in the section called Click on reconfirm subscription to insert
    3. If you're inserting the full text and surrounding reconfirmation link:
      1. Click on the word created above to insert that word surrounded by the link (Ex: "Reconfirm your subscription")
    4. If you're inserting the link around text/image:
      1. Click on the word created above followed by "Link" to insert the link only (Ex: "Reconfirm your subscription Link")
      2. Click on the word created above followed by "Link, no http://" to insert the link without the http:// (Ex: "Reconfirm your subscription Link, no http://")
      3. Copy/cut the inserted reconfirmation link that you just inserted into the message
      4. Then highlight the text or image
      5. Click on the Link icon
      6. In the insert link dialogue box, paste the Re-optin link.
  4. Click OK
  5. You may also want to consider adding a link alias to keep track of the reconfirmation link in reporting
  6. Note: in order to test the link, you'll need to send a test send or a live test send.  For security purposes, the reconfirmation link can only be clicked from a message sent to a subscriber.
  7. Then send this message to your subscribers






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