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You can push content from your main account to any of your sub accounts.  This streamlines the process of creating content and then inserting it into one or more of your sub accounts.  

To push content to sub accounts:

  1. Open the Sub Account Admin folder in the menu
  2. Click Push Content
  3. Select a tab for the content you would like to insert into sub account(s)
    1. Messages
    2. Templates
    3. Newsletter Articles
    4. Web Content
  4. Select the content by checking the box next to the content
  5. Select the sub account by checking the box next to the sub account names
  6. Select how to handle the situation where the content already exists in the sub account
    1. Insert a new copy: create a second copy of the content in the sub account
    2. Overwrite existing: replace existing content in the sub account
    3. Do nothing: do not insert content into the sub account if it already exists
  7. Enter an email address to send the push content results to
  8. Click Push Messages 


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