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The Profile Center is the page where subscribers will edit their subscription information.  By default, the profile center is only accessible by clicking the "Profile Center" link in sent email messages. However, you also have the option to make the profile center public, so that you can send subscribers to this page using a custom URL. For example, you can set up a form on your website where someone can type in their email address, and then are sent to a page where they can update their Profile Center.

To make the profile center publicly accessible, please follow these steps:

1) Open Account -> Account Preferences (You will need admin access to edit this page)

2) Click the "Edit Company Settings" button

3) Scroll down to the item called "Public Access for Profile Center" and change the value from "0" to "1"

4) Click Save

5) Now that you have this feature enabled, you will need to contact the Critical Impact support team for the public access profile center link, unique to your account.

Please be aware that when this feature is enabled, anyone can type in an email address at the end of the profile center link and change all of the email preferences, which can be a security risk.



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