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The best practice is to make 100% sure you've done all your testing and proofing before you hit the Send button.  But if you realize after the send is scheduled that some of the links are broken, we have an awesome tool to modify links in a message after it's sent.  It will only affect those who click the link after the change is saved.  Please use this tool with caution.

When you find a broken link after sending an email, please follow these steps to modify the link. 

  1. Open Reports in the left menu
  2. Click Email Tracking
  3. Select the message by clicking once
  4. Click Advanced Options in the button toolbar and select Modify Links
  5. Select the link you would like to change
  6. Click Change Destination Link
  7. Type in the link and click Update

Note: Making a change here will affect this link in the email, starting at the time you make the change



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