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By using the Message Import feature, existing email messages/templates can be easily imported for use in the application.  The Message Import feature imports and saves all of the email template content, and programmatically transfers all of the images in the email message onto our system servers (moves them from the old host into the new system).  This tool can save a lot of time because it will automatically upload each image to the server and recode the links for each image.

To use the Message Importer:

  1. Click on the Tools folder
  2. Click Message Importer
  3. Enter a URL from which to read your email content or paste your HTML code into the larger window
  4. Click Submit

Once the content has been submitted, the application will automatically:

  1. Create a new copy of this message in your Messages folder
  2. Store all images used in this template in your account's portfolio under the image folder
  3. Replace all existing links in the email with NEW links pointing to images stored in your account
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