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Occasionally, you may need to delete a large quantity of subscribers from a specific list.  To accomplish this:

  1. Export the list in question
    1. Click the Reports Folder
    2. Click Custom Reports
    3. Click Export Subscribers by List in CSV format
    4. Select the list that contains the subscribers you want to delete
    5. The system will export a CSV file.  At this point, you can save this CSV file and sort the data to identify the records you want to delete. 
  2. Once you have identified those records, save them in a CSV file.
  3. Import this CSV file into a new list in the system.  You might want to indicate in the list name that these records are "to be deleted".
  4. Open the Lists folder
  5. Click Create Dynamic List
  6. Select the original list by checking the box next to the list
  7. For the first rule, select Are not on list

  8. Click Select List
  9. Select the list you created earlier to be deleted
  10. Click Save Rules
  11. Click Save & Show List Count to double check that the right amount of subscribers are on the new list
  12. Click Create Static List
  13. Enter a name
  14. Keep the Slip List option selected as: "no, just create a single list"
  15. Click Create New Static List

Now you'll have a newly created list with all the subscribers from the original list except for the subscribers you wanted to delete from the list.


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