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You can link content in email messages to more than just URLs.  To insert an email address as a link around an image or text in a message, please follow the directions below.

  1. Highlight the text or image you want to link
  2. Click the link icon
  3. In the Link Dialogue box, select the type E-mail
  4. Enter the E-mail Address into the E-mail Address field
  5. Optional: enter a subject line to automatically appear as the Subject when the user clicks this link to send a message to the email address
  6. Click OK

Please note that some email clients may block the mailto link.  Some believe that being able to click 'Reply' to an email is more preferable to creating a new email message by clicking a link. To change the 'Reply To' address, follow the steps in the From Address wiki article.


To learn more about links, please read the wiki article, Add an Attachment as a Link.


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