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When uploading an image, be sure to check that the image name does not contain any spaces, periods, or any other non-standard characters like #@.,/]![). The same naming format applies to any image folders you create within Critical Impact. If you do not follow this format, your images could possibly not show in some email clients. For example, having a blank space in the image URL will cause the image not to show in some email clients, because they do not know how to link to an image URL with a space in the URL.


Bad Image URL: animals/The awesome giraffe.png

  • The following image URL has a space in the folder name ("zoo animals") and spaces in the image name ("The awesome giraffe").

Good Image URL:

  • The following image URL replaces the spaces with underscores so that it is a valid URL link.


  • For every white space, replace it with an underscore.

  • For every comma, replace it with an underscore.

  • For every slash, replace it with a hyphen.

Note:  If images do not appear in your email after a live or test send, please check to make sure that the image URL follows the formatting mentioned above. Always make sure to test each email through a variety of email clients before doing a live send, to catch issues like this.

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