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SMS messages are text-only messages sent to mobile devices.  Our system allows these messages to contain custom field variables.  For example, a message could start out with a personalized "Hi John!" 

Create a New SMS Message

  1. Click SMS then click SMS Message Folder
  2. Click Create at the top of the screen
  3. Name the message and write the content of the message in the Message text field.
  4. Click the Insert Custom Field button to insert a custom field (i.e. the subscriber's first name).
  5. If the message runs over 160 characters, select the option to either trim the message to 160 characters or break the message into 160 character sized messages.
  6. When using shortened links, click Estimate Size with Link Shortening in order to view the estimated length of the message when sent.
  7. Save and close the window.

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