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How to create a text-only version of an email 

Creating a text-only version of an email message is helpful for those subscribers use mobile email clients or for those subscribers that prefer receiving text-based emails vs.HTML-based emails.  Sending both an HTML version AND a text-only version is considered an industry best practice.  Email messages which include both an HTML and a text-only version are treated more favorably by the spam filtering systems.

To add a text-only version to an existing HTML email message:

  1. Edit an email from the Message Folder.
  2. From the editor view, click the Text Email tab.
  3. Click Create Plain Text from HTML.
  4. A plain text version of your email has been created and can be modified.
  5. When complete, click Save.

Note: The existing message must contain HTML content in order for the "Create Plan Text from HTML" feature to work. 

Note: If the HTML content is modified, you will need to re-do steps 3 through 5 above to have the HTML changes reflected in the text-only version.





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