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Get a New From Short Code

Short codes are phone numbers that can send and receive text messages.  If your account does not have an SMS From Number yet, you must get an SMS From Number before creating a new SMS list. 

To get a new From Short Code:

  1. Click SMS from the left-side menu
  2. Click SMS From Short Code
  3. Click Get New Short Code from the top button bar
  4. Enter a US area code
  5. Click Get Number

Short Code Automated Responses

Due to carrier regulations you MUST include an auto-reply to Keyword Opt-ins, which includes Opt-Out information. For your convenience, we automatically append compliant opt-out instructions to your auto-reply.

Once you get a new From Short Code, double click on the number to Edit the Reply Messages.  Read the SMS From Short Codes wiki article for more information.

NOTE: Each Short Code will add an additional monthly charge to your account, so please add them carefully.

Create a New SMS List

To create a new SMS list:

  1. Click Subscribers & Lists from the left-side menu and open the Lists folder.
  2. Click Add List
  3. Select the type SMS
  4. Enter a List Name
  5. Add a Description for internal reference
  6. Select a List Folder
  7. Click Save

Import into the New SMS List

If you already have a list of SMS Numbers and are ready to import it into the system, read the Wiki article, How to Import an SMS List

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