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Unsubscribe From All a Single Subscriber

If you want to ensure an email address will not receive any email communication from you via the system, you'll need to globally unsubscribe that email address. We call this "Unsubscribe from all".
To globally unsubscribe a subscriber, it's important not to delete the subscriber, but unsubscribe them instead.  If you delete the subscriber, it's possible to inadvertently re-import that subscriber at a later date, and they will be sent to again.  The proper method is to flag that subscriber as "Unsubscribe from all". 
  1. Open the Subscribers & Lists folder
  2. Click All Subscribers and search on the subscriber by email address or a partial email address and click Search
  3. Double click on the subscriber
  4. In the pop up window, look at the bottom of the Subscriber Information tab
  5. Check the Unsubscribe from All box

Unsubscribe From All a List of Subscribers

Use the Do Not Send Import tool to unsubscribe a group of email addresses.  These emails can exist in the system or can be new emails you'd like to flag as permanently "Unsubscribed" for future purposes (in the event you inadvertently upload those email addresses on a normal list, for instance).  The wizard works the same as a normal list import, except that all email addresses imported will automatically be updated marked as "Unsubscribe from all".

  1. Open the Tools folder
  2. Click Do Not Send Import
  3. Create a New List with a name like "Do not send" or "Globally Unsubscribed"
    1. This is used for tracking purposes only, and has no effect on what lists these subscribers are unsubscribed from

NOTE: You will not be able to send to any emails you upload via the "Do Not Send Import" without manually editing an individual subscriber record and un-checking the "Unsubscribe from all" check box.