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Keywords are what consumers text to a short code to join your SMS lists.  An SMS Keyword is a single word, usually less than a dozen letters to keep things concise for your customers.

To create a new SMS Keyword:

  1. Click the SMS menu folder and click SMS Keywords
  2. Click the Create Keyword button in the top of the screen

  3. Select the Short Code you want the keyword to be associated with.  
    1. If the Short Code drop down is empty, you don't have a short code yet.  Read the SMS Short Code wiki article to learn how to get a short code

  4. Type in a Keyword and check the availability.  Each keyword must be unique.
  5. Assign Lists to this keyword.  You can choose for the subscribers to join one or multiple lists
  6. Fill in the Auto Confirmation Text
    1. This automated message will be sent in response to those who subscribe by texting this keyword to the short code
    2. Following industry standards, "Reply STOP KEYWORD to Optout" will be automatically appended to your message.
    3. The "STOP KEYWORD" will be replaced with the keyword denoted on this screen.  This allows subscribers to unsubscribe from this list only.  If they want to unsubscribe from all SMS, they can reply with just "STOP" or "STOP ALL"

  7. You can also choose to add an alternative reply
    1. This response will be sent if subscriber has already texted this Keyword to the Short Code.
    2. For example, you might want to make this message something like "Thanks for the txt, but you are already subscribed to this list."

After creating a Keyword, you can also add a Sub-Keyword for extra dialogue options between you and the subscriber.

Note: If you would like to change other automated responses such as HELP or STOP, edit the responses for the SMS From Short Code linked to this Keyword.


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