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Forward to a Fried or FTF for short, is an easy and powerful way to increase your marketing audience size, and allow your subscriber base to share your emails with people they know.  When this feature is used, you'll be able to track statistics for "number of forwards" in your campaign tracking summary.

NOTE: If a subscriber uses the forward feature in their email client instead of this special "Forward to a Friend" link, the links contained in the email they forward will lead to the original subscriber's Subscriber Profile and Unsubscribe links. 

The Forward to a Friend feature helps you to spread your message and grow your list by leveraging the network of your existing loyal subscribers. When a subscriber selects a friend who will enjoy your email content, the subscriber has helped totarget your message to an audience that is likely to appreciate it.

The Forward to a Friend feature is far superior to simply using the forward button in the subscriber's email client. Not only does it allow you, as the marketer, to track certain data about the message being forwarded, but it also gives the subscriber a better user experience. The Forward to a Friend feature protects the privacy of the subscriber by removing the links to the subscriber's personal links from the message and lets the subscriber use a convenient form for forwarding the message tomultiple subscribers with a personalized message.

How Subscribers Forward to a Friend

  1. We give you a special merge field to insert into your email message content, i.e. %%fwtf%%
  2. When the recipient receives your email and clicks on the "Forward to a Friend" link (or graphic), they'll see the Forward to a Friend page
  3. They'll enter their Friend's name and email address, an optional personal message, and click Submit

Using this form, subscribers can 'forward' this email to multiple "friend" recipients without the concern that their personal unsubscribe information will be included.  Also, sometimes emails that are forwarded by an individual to another individual don't include images or maintain the visual integrity that we as marketers might hope to see.  So, this is an ideal method for protecting your subscribers and brand, as well as gaining a wider viewing audience.

How to Customize Forward to a Friend

To customize how the Forward to a Friend page looks, read the Customize the Forward to a Friend wiki article.

How to Set Up and Use Forward to a Friend

To include a Forward to a Fried link in your next email, you'll first need to decide if you want to use a graphic as the Forward to a Friend link, or text. If you are using a graphic, see Option 1 below. For a text "Forward to a Friend link, see Option 2 below.

  1. Upload your image in your email content by clicking on the image library
  2. Insert the image into the email content
  3. Select the image in your email content
  4. Click the link button
  5. In the blank URL bar, enter the merge field %%fwtflo%%
  6. Click OK
  7. Your Forward to a Friend image link is ready to be sent!

In the message editor:

  1. Place your cursor in the location for your Forward to a Friend link
  2. Click the Insert Custom Field icon. A pop-up window will open.
  3. Click the Forward to Friend Full Link option
  4. The merge field will be inserted
  5. Save your email
  6. Send yourself a test email to test the Forward to a Friend link


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