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This report exports the total number of subscriber clicks and opens over a specified date rangeYou can select the minimum count to show: for example, you can select to see all subscribers who have clicked or opened a message more than 5 times.

The report shows all the subscribers who have opened/clicked any message more than the selected count during the selected date range. In addition, it shows the total click and open count, the total click count, the total open count, and the date of the subscriber's last interaction. The list is sorted from high to low click/open count.

  1. Click Reports
  2. Click Custom Reports
  3. Double click Export All Subscriber Data
  4. Select the start and end dates to select a date range
  5. Select the Minimum open/click count to show
  6. Click Run Report
  7. Click to download the report in CSV format and then open in Excel
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