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At some point, you may wish to temporarily exclude a group of subscribers from an email campaign you are sending.

Here's an example of this functionality might be used: Let's say that you're sending a reminder email to your "all customers" list to get them to register for an event.  Although you do not want to email those customers who have already registered.  How would you do this?  It's actually very simple.  By uploading a list of all customers who registered and "excluding it", the system will make sure that anyone who is on your All Customers List who already purchased a registration, does not receive the email.

To exclude one list or multiple lists of subscribers from a single email campaign:
  1. Enable the "Enable exclusion list on send screen" option
    1. Click Account in the left menu
    2. Open Account Preferences
    3. Find the section called Options and check the box next to Enable exclusion list on send screen
  2. Once this option is enabled, you'll see a Do NOT send to selection on your send screen
  3. You can now select lists that you would like to like to exclude from a single email campaign
  4. Example:  I could send to List A, List B and List C, and exclude List Y and List Z.  That would ensure no one on List Y and List Z would receive the emails, even if they were members of List A, B, or C.


Please note that when excluding subscribers from a campaign, this "exclusion" or suppression is only valid on this single campaign. This does not have the same affect as fully unsubscribing a subscriber or list of subscribers.


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