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If you experience difficulty importing a list, this is a helpful checklist to help identify any potential problem areas. 

  1. Be sure that your list is in CSV (comma separated values) format. 
    1. If you are unsure, right click on the file and then click properties.  The 'file type' should indicate: Comma Separated Values (CSV), or Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values (CSV).
    2. The Fix: If your list is not in CSV format, open the file in Excel, then click on File -> Save As.  From the 'Save As Type' dropdown menu, select CSV ( comma delimited). Click Save.

  2. Check your CSV file for empty rows. Lists with huge numbers of empty rows can create delays with importing a list. 
    1. The Fix: Copy and paste the data into a new sheet, re-save and re-import. 

  3. Review the data in your file ( email addresses and custom fields if applicable) for any non-standard characters like /, (, ), ? or //.
    1. The Fix:  Do a quick search (CTRL + F in Excel) for any of these characters. If the search comes up empty, your issue is probably not related to this.

  4. Are you attempting to import your list with Cut and Paste?
    1. If so, it's a good idea to try the import using a CSV file instead.

  5. Header Row
    1. If you are using a header-row (named columns in your spreadsheet such as email, firstname, lastname), be sure to select set the "Import File Has a Header Row" drop down to YES.

    2. Did you remember to map the column names to the appropriate field in the email system?

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