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The Email Tracking report displays a summary report for all of the messages that are sent.  This report shows an overview of how an email send performed by displaying opens, clicks, and delivery information.

To view all tracking details for an email send, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Reports Folder
  2. Click Email Tracking
  3. Highlight the email campaign you're seeking
  4. Click the View Tracking Report button
  5. Download a PDF version of the report by clicking Export 
  6. Click the tabs to view and download detailed report information:
    • Unique Opens: lists all subscribers who opened this email and how many times they opened it
    • Links Clicked: lists all links that were clicked and the total number of times the links were clicked
    • All Opens: lists all subscriber opens, organized by date
    • Who Clicked: lists all subscribers who clicked this email and the links they clicked
    • Unsubscribes: lists all subscribers who chose to unsubscribe after reading this message
    • Hard Bounces: lists all email address that could not receive the message due to permanent conditions
      • This typically results when an email address no longer exists or is inactive
    • SoftBounces: lists all email addresses that are valid, but the message couldn't be delivered most likely due to a temporary encumbrance
  7. If you would like to view a visual representation of where subscribers clicked on a message, click the message once and then click View Click Overlay



 Some Subscribers have a very high open count. What factors attribute to this?

Opens are counted every time someone clicks a link or downloads the images for the email message.  If they download the images and then toggle back and forth between another email, each toggle will count as an open.  Also, the link tracking and image tracking used in the open count is unique to each email sent.  So if they forward the email to other people, each open and click to the forwarded email will count as a open and click for the original subscriber who forwarded the email.  

To see where the opens came from for a specific subscriber:

  • View the Email Tracking “Who Opened” tab and sort by email address
  • Find the opens by that email address and look at the IP Address of the computer that opened the email and the date of the open
  • If there are multiple IP addresses and times of opens, the person most likely forwarded the email onto other people who then opened the email
  • If there is one IP address and similar times of open, they probably toggled between the email and other emails
  • Also, view the "Who Clicked" tab to see if that email address clicked different links from the message



This is the final step in the Getting Started Guide.  Please feel free to search for more articles by using the search tool in the top left corner or by navigating with the left hand menu.  Click Back to learn how to Send a Message.