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Users with account admin privileges can specify permission or access levels for each user who accesses the system

  1. Click on the Account folder
  2. Click on Edit/Add Users
  3. Double click on the user name you would like to review/modify
  4. Drag and drop the security groups from the Disabled column to the Enabled column to grant user access
  5. Click Save and Close


Security Group Examples

Security Group ExamplesDefinition
Standard User Permissions

Ability to import, create, add, edit, delete, view sends

No ability to change account preferences, add/edit users or export lists


Full access to all standard functionality

Can change account preferences, add/edit users, export lists, etc.

Content Creation Only

Enables creation of content, such as messages and viewing reports

No ability to send emails, export lists, import lists, edit users

Report Access OnlyAllows access to standard reports
Sub Account Permissions

Allows access to sub accounts

AB Testing EnabledAllows access to AB Testing and AB Testing Reports
Triggered Send EnabledAbility to create and send triggered messages


Learn more about Editing and Adding Users

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