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Headers appear at the beginning of every email sent out.  The header includes a view as webpage link by default. To edit the header, please follow the steps below.  Please talk to your account administrator if you cannot access the Edit Header/Footer tool.

  1. Click Tools
  2. Click Edit Footers
  3. Double click a header/footer entry or click Add Header/Footer to add a new one
  4. Enter an appropriate name and description
  5. Open the tab called View as webpage header to edit the header shown at the top of the emails
    1. If you would like to take out the header entirely, simply delete everything in this tab and save
  6. The FWTF HTML Header will appear at the top of HTML emails when forwarded with the Forward to a Friend tool
  7. The FWTF Text Header will appear at the top of text version emails when forwarded with the Forward to a Friend tool
  8. The other tabs are for editing the default footers as well as unique footers (Learn more: Edit Footers)
  9. Use custom fields to display the link:

    View as Web Page URL%%viewaswebpageurl%%

    Example: To view this email as a web page, go <a href="%%viewaswebpageurl%%">here</a>

  10. Click Save

Select a Default Company Header/Footer

  1. Open the Account Folder
  2. Click Account Preferences
  3. Find the Options section and select a Default Header/Footer
  4. Click Save

Select a Header Unique to a Specific Send

  1. Follow the steps to Send a Message until you reach Step 2 of 3 where you select the Subject, From address, and lists to send to
  2. Find the section at the bottom of the screen called Advanced Options
  3. Click the arrow next to Advanced Options to expand the section
  4. Select the Header/Footer from the drop down Footer menu


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