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With the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets, email rendering on mobile devices has become a crucial part of email marketing success.  The message editor gives you the option to create both a normal HTML message and a mobile version of your message that will be seen only on mobile devices.

Getting Started

To create a version of your message that will be seen only on mobile devices, create a blank HTML email. Create your message in the HTML tab as normal. Then open the second tab of the message editor, called Mobile Message. Insert your content into the message editor like you would for the desktop version. 

If the Mobile Tab is left blank, the desktop HTML Message will show on desktop and mobile devices.  Only use the Mobile Message tab if you want to create a unique version to make the message easier to read on mobile devices.

If a message is created using a template, that template must have an editable content region set up in the Mobile tab.  Otherwise, the mobile tab will not be editable.


  1. Mobile Design Guidelines: design tips and guidelines
  2. Known Issues with Mobile and Desktop Emails: read this article to avoid known issues and thoroughly test to prevent rendering problems
  3. Download the Mobile Design Tips

Copy Content from Desktop Version into the Mobile Version

If you leave the message blank in the Mobile Message tab, mobile devices will receive the email from the HTML Message tab, too. When creating a different version for mobile devices, you can use this option to replace the mobile version with a copy of the desktop version.  To copy the HTML message and paste it into the mobile message:

  1. Click the Options button
  2. Click Create Mobile from HTML
  3. Edit the content in the Mobile Tab so that the mobile version is different from the desktop version and click Save


After creating the mobile version, click the refresh icon and navigation arrows to preview approximately how the message will look on an iPhone.  Click the center circle button to center the iPhone preview.


Use Template Blocks

Template blocks are a great way to quickly create a mobile message. You'll be able to insert predesigned templates, layouts, and content regions. 

  1. Click the icon in the Mobile Message tab message editor toolbar
  2. Select a simple layout or a designed mobile template like shown below:
  3. Edit the content and you'll be ready to go
  4. To learn more, read the Insert Template Blocks Wiki article




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