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The GDPR Signup Form gives your EU website visitors a simple method to subscribe to your email publications and be added to the appropriate subscriber lists in your account. This tool allows you to add fields that will help you comply with the GDPR laws for EU subscribers.

Creating a Website Signup Form

  1. Click Tools
  2. Click GDPR Signup Form
  3. Enter a Form Name, used for internal reference
  4. Enter a Thank You Page URL if you would like to specify a the page you want subscribers to be forwarded to once they sign up for the list
    1. Otherwise, use the generic thank you page provided
  5. Triggered Message: Select a message to be sent to the subscribers after they sign up for the list
    1. To create a Triggered Message, follow the steps in the Triggered Emails wiki article
  6. Add Custom Fields that will be editable fields on the sign up form
  7. Select a Default List that all subscribers using this form will opt into
  8. If you want the subscribers to have the option to sign up for more lists, select some additional lists
    1. If a list does not already exist, Create a New List and then come back to this screen
  9. Edit the Display Options
    1. Edit the Description Text
    2. Add a List Description
    3. Update the Subscribe Button Text
    4. Change the Form Width
    5. Change the Background Color
    6. Edit the Border Size
    7. Customize the Border Color
  10. Check the box next to GDPR Fields 

    1. Edit the description field to describe how you are going to use the subscriber's data.

    2. In the Opt-in Confirmation field, describe what they are signing up to receive.

    3. Add your company's privacy policy and terms links into the appropriate fields.

    4. In the legal text section, describe how they can unsubscribe from your lists, etc.

    5. Note: Critical Impact does not offer any legal advice, so we recommend speaking with your legal counsel to confirm that the text in your form is compliant with the GDPR laws.

  11. Click Change Image to insert your company's logo at the top of the form
    1. If you want to remove the image, click Remove Image
  12. Once the preview form of the form on the left side of the screen looks good, click Save Signup Form
  13. When you create a signup form, we provide a link to a static version of the signup form, as well as the HTML code that you can copy and paste to use on your own site

Note: If you do not see the GDPR Signup Form available as a tool in your account, please contact your account admin.

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