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A suppression list is a group of subscribers that you don't want to receive some of your communications.  When you schedule a send, you can select a suppression list to prevent those subscribers on the list from receiving your message.

To increase open and click rates, you may want to consider creating an inactive subscribers suppression list.  You can create a dynamic list of subscribers who have never opened or clicked on any message you've ever sent.  Then select this list as a "do not send to" suppression list when sending messages. 

Build Your Suppression List

To create a dynamic suppression list:

  1. Open the Subscribers & Lists folder and click Lists
  2. Click the Add List button at the top of the grid and then select the type Dynamic
  3. Select the list(s) you want to use as a basis for your dynamic list  
  4. Create rules to find all of the inactive subscribers:
    1. Select the first drop down option under Subscriber Interaction By Job: Did not open

    2. Click Select Jobs: Check the box next to "All Jobs" if you are creating a list of any inactive subscriber
    3. Enter the number of days back you would like to check for subscribers who haven't opened a message.  (Ex: "in the past 365 days")
  5. Click Save Rules
  6. To view the approximate list count from the specified rules, click Save and Show List Count

Do Not Send to the Inactive Subscribers List

  1. Make sure your account has enabled the "Enable exclusion list on send screen option" 
    1. In the Account Preferences screen, check the box next to "Enable exclusion lists"
    2. Click Save before navigating away from the Account Preferences screen
  2. When sending a message, open up the Do not send to lists section and check the box next to the dynamic suppression list (created in the steps above)


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