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Sub-Keywords are built to provide a more interactive dialogue with subscribers.  While subscribers text a Keyword to get added to a list, Sub-Keywords allow them to basically ask for more information.  If you also want to organize those who text a Sub-Keyword, you can choose to add these subscribers to another list as well.

For example, a business wants to send SMS messages to people attending a conference.  The subscribers will text the Keyword "XYZConference" to subscribe to all messages surrounding the conference.  Then if they are getting ready to come to the morning session and want to know how to get there, they will text the Sub-Keyword "Directions."  If later on they want to know who the keynote speaker is, they will text another Sub-Keyword "Keynote." 

To create a Sub-Keyword:

  1. Open the SMS folder and click on SMS Keywords.
  2. Select a Keyword from the grid to which you would like to add a sub-keyword
  3. Click Create Sub-keyword in the top button bar
  4. Check the availability of the Sub-keyword and enter the reply text
  5. You also have the option to add these people to other list(s)
  6. Optionally, you can add another response to send when someone texts this sub-keyword a second time



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