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After you said have your Newsletter Schedule set up, here are the steps you will need to follow to create newsletters from these RSS feed articles. 


  1. Open the Newsletters folder
  2. If you don't have the newsletter schedule automated, follow these steps to manually create the articles:
    1. Click Newsletter Schedule
    2. Double click on a newsletter schedule
    3. Press the Convert Now button to create the articles and newsletter from the RSS feed immediately
  3. Go to the Newsletter Articles folder to view the articles created from the RSS newsletter schedule
  4. Double click to edit any of these articles if you would like to make any manual changes, such as changing the section for the article or manually adding an image URL
  5. Save any changes you made to the articles
  6. Go to the Newsletter Creator
  7. There should already be a newsletter created from step 2 above: double click on this newsletter
  8. Enter the following newsletter data
    1. Title: will be used as the message subject
    2. Description: used for internal reference
    3. Newsletter Date: date that will be inserted into the newsletter if you defined a %%date%% variable in the newsletter template
    4. Volume: the volume number that will display in the newsletter if you defined a %%volume%% variable in the newsletter template
    5. Newsletter Template: the newsletter template you would like to use 
  9. Reorder the articles in the Newsletter column to arrange the articles in this issue's newsletter
  10. Click Save
  11. Click the Preview Newsletter button to preview what the newsletter will look like with the selected articles
  12. Click Save, Close, and Create email to send to automatically create an email message of the newsletter, saved in the Messages folder
  13. Open the Messages folder
  14. Double click the newest message to preview or make any changes before sending it out as your would any other normal message
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