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Create newsletter articles that you will be able to insert into your newsletters.  These will be added to the article section of your newsletter template when you create a newsletter.

  1. Open the Newsletters folder
  2. Click Newsletter Articles
  3. Click Add Article
  4. Enter a Title that will display as the article's subject in the newsletter
  5. Select a Section 
    1. By default the newsletter will belong to the first section.  Otherwise, you must select the section to which this article belongs (depending if you have incorporated multiple sections) and a enter a name for the section.
  6. Enter a Name for internal reference (optional)
  7. Enter an Author's name which can be displayed in the newsletter
  8. Select a Folder where you would like this article saved
  9.  Enter a Link to URL: Enter an http:// address and the article will link directly to your website
  10. Otherwise enter a full version of the article in the HTML Page tab to link to an HTML page generated by our system

  11. Choose to enable any of the following options
    1. Link as Anchor: allows your newsletter to link
    2. Always Show on Master List: allows your newsletter to always be displayed on the master list
    3. Do Not Show in TOC: allows your newsletter to show in the Table of Contents
  12. Enter the article text in the Abstract tab below

  13. To connect the "read more" link with an HTML page generated by our system, enter a full version of the article into the HTML Page tab


To learn how to Create a Newsletter message, click the Next button.


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