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This section of the Wiki is intended for users who have already imported subscriber data into their account and are ready to create and send their first email.

Creating Email Layouts

  1. Create a New Message

  2. Create a Message with the Drag and Drop Message Builder

  3. Create a Custom Email Template
  4. Create a Message from a Template
  5. Create a Copy of an Existing Email
  6. Insert Template Blocks
  7. Import a Message (automatically transfers all images in message to our system servers)

Editing Messages

  1. Create and Edit a Table
  2. HTML Email Design Guidelines
  3. Using the Message Editor Toolbar
  4. Styling Text the with Message Editor Toolbar
  5. Edit Line Spacing Between Text

Inserting Content

  1. Inserting Images
  2. Insert Custom Fields
  3. Insert Social Media Icons
  4. Adding an Attachment as a Link
  5. Link to an Email Address
  6. Insert Video into a Message

Mobile Messages

  1. Create a Mobile Version of a Message
  2. Mobile Design Guidelines

Follow Up Messages

  1. Follow Up Messages

Sending an Email

  1. Run an Inbox Preview
  2. Send an Email
  3. After sending, view the Tracking Reports


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