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Use your RSS feed to create newsletter articles that you will be able to insert into your newsletters.  These will be added to the article section of your newsletter template when you create a newsletter.

  1. Open the Newsletters folder
  2. Click Newsletter Schedule
  3. Click Create to create a newsletter schedule
  4. Give the newsletter schedule a name, for internal reference
  5. Type in your RSS Feed URL
  6. Select the number of articles you would like to create from your RSS feed
  7. The "Sort by" drop down allows you to select the way to select the articles from your RSS feed
    1. As-is: Will pull the most recently listed articles in your RSS feed
    2. Latest Published Date: Will pull articles with the most recent published date
    3. Oldest Published Date: Will pull articles with the oldest published date
  8. Map the fields from your RSS feed
    1. Article Title
    2. Article Name
    3. Article Author
    4. Link to URL: Optional to link the read more link to an external webpage
    5. Article Abstract: Content of the article to appear in the newsletter
    6. Article HTML Page: Creates a HTML page with this content, that's linked to from the read more link
    7. Link Alias: Optional value to add a name in the link alias field for your article links (populates the %%linkalias%% variable in your newsletter template)
    8. Thumbnail URL: Optional to add an image to the article (populates the %%thumbnailurl%% variable in your newsletter template)
  9. Newsletter Attributes
    1. Title: Give the newsletter a title, which is used as the subject line for the newsletter
    2. Description: Optional description for internal reference
    3. Newsletter Date: Assign a date that will populate populate the %%date%% field in your newsletter template
    4. Volume: Assign a volume/edition number that will populate the %%volume%% field in your newsletter template
    5. Newsletter Template: Select the template you would like to use to create this newsletter
  10. Schedule Options
    1. Status: Activate or pause the RSS scheduler
    2. Notify Us of Errors: Check the box and type in an email address, if you'd like to be sent any error notifications
    3. Frequency: Select how often you would like the newsletter to be created
    4. Run Time: Select the time of day you would like the newsletter to be created
  11. Save the Schedule
  12. Expand the Preview section 
  13. Click the Preview Conversion to see how the articles will populate with the options selected for the newsletter scheduler
  14. Click Save Schedule
  15. Press the Convert Now button if you would like to create the articles and newsletter from the RSS feed immediately
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