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There are a few reports that can be set up to sent by email automatically. 

PDF Email Tracking Report

The email tracking report summary can be sent by email either 1 day or 1 week after a send. This report is sent with a PDF attachment showing the same information that is on the email tracking summary page. 

Site Visitor Sign-Up Report

The site visitor sign-up report can be sent by email as well. This report will show anyone who signed up for a list via a Critical Impact sign-up form the previous day. You can select what time of day this daily report is sent out. 

Subscriber Interactions Report

The subscriber interactions report can be sent by email daily or weekly. This report shows any open or click that occurred in the previous day for the daily report, or in the past week for the weekly report. It also lists the subscriber's email, the date they took the action, the link they clicked, the message they opened, and custom fields associated with the subscriber. 


Please contact your account admin if you would like any of these reports enabled.

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