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To see the responses for the survey:

  1. Go to Tools -> Survey Creator

  2. Select the survey you would like to see the results for.
  3. Click Utilities
  4. Click View Survey Results
  5. If you'd like to export all the survey results into an Excel file, click the Export button
  6. The default view will show each subscriber who responded, when they finished the survey, and what their responses were.
  7. Click View Results by Question if you'd like to see all the responses grouped by question.
  8. Click Export to download the results into Excel.

You can also see which surveys were included in a send by following these steps:

  1. Click Reports

  2. Click Email Tracking

  3. Select a send
  4. Click View Tracking Report
  5. In the report screen, click the tab that says Survey Results
  6. You will see a list of the surveys that were linked to in the send. Select a survey and click View Survey Results to see the responses to the survey.


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