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To make the image align left and the text right, use a table as explained below because it will appear consistently with all email clients.

Using a Table to Align Images and Text

  1. Click on the location in the message content where you would like to have the image and text positioned
  2. Click Insert Table
  3. Insert a 1 row by 2 column table
  4. Delete the table width
  5. Add cellpadding if you would like space between the image and the text
  6. Click OK
  7. Enter your content (image and text) into the table cells, placing the image in one cell and the text in the other
  8. If you would like to have the image and text align at the top:
    1. Right click in each cell
    2. Select Cell, then Cell Properties
    3. Select Vertical Align = Top

Alternative Image Align Options

The image property align left or align right works in some, but not all email clients. Both Outlook 2007 and earlier versions of Notes offer no support for the float property.

Instead, use the align attribute of the img tag to float images in your email.  

<img src="image.jpg" align="left">
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