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To add a caption to an image:

  1. Place your cursor at the beginning of the text in the article
  2. Insert a table by clicking the Table icon
  3. Select 2 rows and 1 column, enter the width of the image as the table width, 0 spacing, and however much cellpadding you would like to see between the text and image.  Align the table to either the right or the left:
  4. In the first row of the table, insert the image
  5. Type your caption text in the second row, styling the font family and font size
  6. Also, if you replace the image with another and want to reset the table width, right click in the table and click Table Properties.  Set the width to the same width as the image size plus the amount of padding (i.e. 3px padding left + 200px image + 3px padding right = 206px table)



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